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About Us

As with all great ideas, the concept for TheGoodBox started with a simple conversation. We wanted to change our diets. We loved eating out; not caring so much about all the grease, all the fat, and all the unhealthy food we were eating. We knew at the back of our minds that we were not getting any healthier by doing so, but as you know, eating out is just oh-so-yummy.

As our ages went up (horror), so did our love for ourselves become greater. We knew it was time to take better care of ourselves, and to make healthier choices. Simply going to the gym without much thought about our diets just won’t do.

So we decided to start eating healthy and smart; and because we wanted more people to benefit from a balanced, delicious, and natural diet, we agreed to share our talents for cooking with you. Maintaining a natural, organic and balanced diet is complicated, expensive, and takes a lot of effort individually. This is the reason why we wanted to provide a convenient, practical and viable solution, so that more people could start benefiting from it.

As the late great Steve Jobs once said, ‘You’ve got to have a problem that you want to solve; a wrong that you want to right’

Tada!! Thus was TheGoodBox born.